Friday, 3 June 2016

Buy FIFA 17 Coins: Comfort Trade

Who exactly came up with the name FIFA 17 Comfort Trade for this method when this is the exact opposite of "comfort"…

This methods requires you to hand over your FIFA account details to a complete stranger and wait … sweating and biting your nails… hoping that they do as they promised and load the coins into your account, and that you get the account details back AND that they do not store your identity details (and what if you forgot to remove your financial details?!)…

Anyway – it is one of the new methods introduced after EA introduced price ranges and (providing you do select a trustworthy and well established trader) it is easy enough to buy FIFA coins using FIFA 17 Comfort Trade.

FIFA 17 Comfort Trade

It works as follows:

You choose your console on the website of the coin seller, select the amount of coins you want to buy, pass over to the trader your account information including PSN / XBOX Live / Origin account, password, FUT security answer, and wait for your coins.

The seller logs into your account and trades for you until the coins you've paid for are on your account.

Most importantly – you need to completely remove your financial details from your account (card linked to it) and disable secondary account verification for this method of buying FIFA coins BEFORE you hand over your account login details.

Here's how to remove financial information:

1. Xbox
Log in your XBOX LIVE account here

In 'My Account' Section, select 'Payment & Billing'

Select 'Manage payment options' in 'Payment & billing' section and remove the credit card(s) linked to your account.

2. Origin account
Log in your Origin account here

In 'My Account' -got to 'Payment & Shipping' Section

You'll see the credit / debit card(s) linked to your Origin account


3. PlayStation
Log in your PS account here

In the Account Information tab – Billing section – you see your details – Delete.

Here's how to disable two-factor authentication.

Go to the Origin Account Management page, select Security and find the Login Verification section.

Click Turn Off to deactivate Login Verification, verify your security question, and select Email or Text message to receive your verification code.

If you choose the Email option rather than SMS, make sure your account email is a valid, working email address (one you check often).


    You probably need extra coins!
    Check out FUT Millionaire.

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